Red Sky July album Shadowbirds available to pre order now

The new album Shadowbirds from Red Sky July is available for pre order now.

Red Sky July have teamed up with PledgeMusic where on top of being able to pre order the album, you can get access to all sorts of additional cool and exclusive goodies. Choose from t-shirts, signed albums, handwritten lyric sheets, a signed guitar, bespoke artwork, guitar lessons and all manner of interactions and experiences, Red Sky July will even come to your home and perform if you want!

Anybody who pre orders the album from PledgeMusic page will receive an AccessPass that allows you to get continued exclusive content from their PledgeMusic blogs such as unreleased songs, behind the scenes footage and photographs etc..

VISIT THE RED SKY JULY  PLEDGEMUSIC PAGE AND PRE ORDER SHADOWBIRDS HERE                                                                  (ALBUM RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 15TH)