Hue and Cry – Live Wire

2012 brought about the release of the highly acclaimed Hue and Cry album HOT WIRE in a year that saw Pat and Greg Kane take to the road with their most ambitious touring plans yet. A combination of ‘full band’ and ‘stripped’ performances ensued whilst the brothers got to strut their stuff as headliners and special guests at all sorts of far flung venues and festivals. On top of the shows there were numerous TV, Radio, and Press duties to complete, meaning that the band would fulfil over two hundred and fifty official engagements throughout the year. Hue and Cry Live Wire has been created to commemorate these accomplishments.

Hue and Cry Live Wire is a specially designed flight case containing six discs crammed with audio and audio/visual content recorded live this year along with a host of additional exclusive items associated with this year’s touring exploits including one piece of memorabilia unique to each individually numbered flight case. Only 250 of these exceptionally limited edition Hue and Cry Live Wire Flight Cases will ever be manufactured and they will be sold on a strict first come, first served basis. Each flight case comes with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by the band. For more information, and to pre-order, visit the Hue and Cry website.