Anchor Lane

Anchor Lane - No Half MeasuresFormed in 2015, Anchor Lane are a heavy rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The four-piece got together while studying music at the Glasgow Academy of Music and Sound and have gone from strength to strength ever since. Young, enthusiastic and bursting with energy, Anchor Lane have quickly made a name for themselves as a band to see live. Support slots with artists such as RavenEye, The King Lot, Sick Puppies, Bad Touch, Mason Hill, Warrior Soul, Manny Charlton (Nazareth) and Kee Marcello (Europe) have proven Anchor Lane can hold their own alongside well-established rock bands.

In 2017 Anchor Lane released their debut EP ‘New Beginning’, highlighting the band as mature songwriters with a talent for writing powerful riffs. They followed this up with the video for their stunning single, fan favourite ‘Finished For Twelve’.

Anchor Lane - Finished For Twelve Video

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