The Team



Born in Glasgow “sometime during the latter half of the sixties”, Dougie’s first job was within the city’s traditional shipbuilding industry, completing his apprenticeship there by day whilst playing drums in bands by night. Dougie’s (very) short career as a professional musician came to an end in 1987 when he entered the music business as tour manager with the “up and coming” local band ‘Wet Wet Wet’. He quickly established himself as a full time member of their management team, a role he continues to fulfill over twenty five years later.

Dougie now owns and runs the music company ‘No Half Measures’ who, in addition to the Wets, are currently working with Hue and Cry, The Law, GoGoBot, The River 68’s, and Patricia Vonne amongst others. He is vice chairman of the fund raising committee for the charity Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland. Dougie likes taking the odd photograph; has been known to jet off to some far flung corner of the globe in pursuit of scuba diving nirvana; “worships” The Who; still plays the drums & still thinks he can play football – or maybe that should be the other way about!



Originally hailing from the East coast of Scotland – Carnoustie to be precise where one of the oldest and most revered Golf clubs in the world can be found, Fiona kicked off her entertainment business career at the then Dundee based promoters DF (Dance Factory) Concerts, quickly progressing to the position of office manager. New challenges beckoned, amongst them a lengthy position as Editor of Scottish brewer’s Tennents popular music magazine ’Tennents Live’ and a music business administration role at Wet Wet Wet touring & merchandising company Wet T.M. Ltd. where she would meet her now colleague Dougie Souness.

Fiona moved on to join the television and film production company, Ideal World (now the media company IWC), however she rejoined Dougie at No Half Measures and the Measured Group in 2001, developing into the role of general manager, with an oversight on all of the companies business, logistic and financial activities.

Fiona easily commands respect amongst her colleagues and associates, or maybe it would be suffice to simply say that she’s the person here you ’don’t want to cross’!



Being brought up around rock bands since she could walk thanks to her father’s work as a drum tech, Emma grew up to spend her teenage years performing with bands and became a session musician at 16 working with various members of Hawkwind, Gong and Spirits Burning on vocals and as classically trained flautist. Emma is the youngest member of the team and has been working with No Half Measures since graduating from her BA Hons in Commercial Music at the University of the West of Scotland in 2015. Working with unsigned bands as an independent live music promoter and booking agent through-out her time studying, this young lady has her ears to the ground when it comes to new music. Emma now handles our Digital Marketing, Merchandise & A&R whilst working hand in hand with Caroline on Product Management and Promotions.